Loucas fuses a traditional narrative eye with captivating visuals that elicit emotion and leave you wanting more. Spending most of his life in the Pacific Northwest, he’s developed a deep passion for the outdoors which translates into his ability to capture movement. Driven to explore human stories and their connection to the natural world, Loucas is a director that blends style and an adventurous spirit for brands who want to do more than just add to the noise.

Pulling inspiration from his Greek heritage, Loucas always puts story first. With his extensive experience in post-production, he knows what to capture to make a compelling edit. At the core of it, Loucas is a young and hungry director who is here to make a difference by bringing a culturally relevant edge to everything he touches. His attention to detail coupled with his appreciation for spontaneity allows you to feel his energy and creative impact from pre-production to post.
Lover of baguettes, greek salads, and crisp air. 

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